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  • Crossway Studio is a timeless work of art that was originally built for Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown by master acoustician Russ Berger. Russ has recently returned with Mark Hornsby and the rest of RBDG (Russ Berger Design Group) to restore this great stereo room to immersive perfection. Crossway’s huge live room has beautiful sliding glass doors that create an isolated second piano or vocal room.
  • Our fully loaded Avid S6 is sometimes flanked by our “sidecar” API 1608 on wheels when we need some old school analogue flavor.   
  • Not to mention..our diverse selection of vintage and modern mic pre’s.
  • Four full drum sets, 20 snare drums, large cymbal selection, guitar amps, bass amps, and two world class Yamaha pianos with Disklavier.
  • AND …….Our Microphone locker is SICK!
  • Utilizing our 2 world class Yamaha Grand Pianos (DCFX22 and DS7X) we can replay your midi or disklavier  tracks in an acoustically perfect environment. Send us your files and we’ll send you a great acoustic piano recording.


  • Russ Berger designed Crossway’s control room to create mixes that translate perfectly – and they do!
  • Our engineers are fluent in most DAWs.
  • Our Focal SM9’s are great for an accurate stereo mix.
  • Wanna stay In the box? We’re loaded with plugins! Wanna journey Out of the box? OK! Let’s try Burl, Dangerous, or API with some Bricasti and Eventide.  We’ve got you covered.


  • We have an exclusive Danley 7.1.4 Atmos array.  
  • Crossway Studio is certified by Dolby for ATMOS – official listing

Sound Design and Media

  • We create jingles, theme songs, and soundbeds for varied media. Check out some of our work at